Adobe blockerar inte HTML5

Flera bloggar påstår att Adobe motarbetar HTML5, till och med blockerar standarden. John Gruber på Daring Fireball och AppleInsider bland andra påstår saker på felaktiga grunder.

De blogginlägg som sprider detta rykte är bland annat:
AppleInsider – Adobe working to sabotage HTML5
Daring Fireball – Adobe Puts Secret Hold on HTML5 Spec

Under här har jag lagt in och länkat till två texter som reder ut historien.

Texten här under är från en av kommentererna till inlägget på AppleInsider.

    Shelley Powers
    I’m a member of the HTML WG, but I’m not speaking for the HTML WG, or W3C. I’m only expressing my opinion, and what I know to be facts. I’m also not an employee of Google, Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, or any other company (I’m a writer, for O’Reilly).

    There is no truth to this rumor. The posting here is inaccurate. Grossly inaccurate I would add.

    This was an issue that has been under discussion, off and on, on the publicly accessible HTML WG for months. It has to do with scope and charter, not the specifications themselves. The Adobe representative to the HTML WG registered his concerns about the fact that the HTML WG is working on specifications that push, or exceed the group’s charter. This includes Microdata, RDFa-in-HTML, and the 2D Canvas API.

    Adobe is not blocking any specification. There are dozens of issues that are ”blocking” HTML5, if you want to use that term, of which I’m responsible for many at this time. Technically the HTML5 specification can’t advance to Last Call status until these issues are resolved. However, the W3C management can override my issues, and the issues of any individual or company. No one company can block the advancement of any specification without the concurrence of the W3C leadership.

    All of these issues are based on improving all of the specifications, including HTML5 and Canvas. it’s unfortunate that the HTML5 editor, who is also the Google representative to the HTML WG introduced such wild, and unfounded speculation, causing harm not only to the Adobe representative, but distracting all of us from the work of finishing the HTML5 and other specifications.

    I would hope that people would seek to get confirmation before posting unfounded accusations.

    The HTML WG thread related to this issue:…0Feb/0349.html

    The Adobe Rep’s initial concerns:…0Feb/0006.html

    Next time I would ask that you all, please, withhold judgment until you actually have facts, rather than innuendo.

Här är även en länk till ett annat blogginlägg av Thom Holwerda som tar upp felaktigheterna i detta rykte:

    There’s a bit of ruckus going on at the moment in the world of HTML5. A number of people are claiming that Adobe has blocked the latest publication of the HTML5 standard. However, after diving into the actual mailing list threads, it becomes obvious quite quickly that it’s nothing but a misunderstanding.

Teacup, Meet Storm, pt. IV: Adobe Blocking HTML5?